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Dear Reader,

when we develop new products for our customers we have but one aim: to give it our best. Below you will find a selection of the results of our best practice work.

We appreciate your interest:

Dr. Markus J. Krechting
CEO, Frankfurt am Main


Selected reference projects (see below for details):

  1. Norton
  2. ERGO
  3. Lufthansa
  4. SIGMA


(1) Norton - Symantec

  • Background: The German slogan of Norton, global leader for virus protection, is “Schützt, was Dir wichtig ist” (“Protecting what is important to you”). With the co-branded security label of, Norton underlines security and makes it physically concrete and tangible.
  • Objective: Acquiring new customers among business travellers.
  • Implementation: Security labels are handed out personally by cabin staff during flights in Lufthansa’s Business Class. 



(2) ERGO

  • Background: Being one of Germany’s largest insurance companies, ERGO offers clients additional security service: “Play it safe with ERGO”.
  • Objective: Customer loyalty.
  • Implementation: ERGO gives innovative insurable products in the form of labels as gifts to clients.



(3) Lufthansa

  • Background: Lufthansa is one of the largest civil aviation groups operating internationally. With, Lufthansa City Centres in 80 countries now offer good customers even more security with high-quality products.
  • Objective: Added-value service for premium customers to build customer loyalty.
  • Implementation: In Lufthansa City Centres, good customers are offered a special added-value service in the form of co-branded key and luggage tags.






  • Background: As an additional service, SIGMA, a world leader in top-of-the-range lenses, cameras and flash units incorporate security labels as standard to camera lenses.
  • Objective: Differentiation in the premium segment, building customer loyalty.
  • Implementation: security labels are included as standard with each Sigma camera lens in a mini-folder.



(5) Samsung

  • Background: Samsung Electronics is the global market leader in the areas of high-tech electronics and digital media. The "back to me" service is integrated into the package of the top camera SAMSUNG NX10.
  • Objective: USP for premium system cameras, differentiation via new premium service level.
  • Implementation: The made-to-measure security label is integrated into the top camera Samsung NX 10.