So funktioniert unser Diebstahlschutz -

How it works!


Notable bicycle and sport equipment manufacturers integrate the theft-protection service under the lacquer, as permanent component of the production process.

The theft protection can also be stuck as individual label directly to the object to be protected. The label is made of a weather-resistant security film, with a very strongly bonding and high-performance adhesive.


A few easy steps to a registered CODE number:

  1. Fasten your security label to a clean and grease-free base. If properly applied, the label cannot be removed without the use of force. Full adhesive strength is achieved after approx. 48 hours.
  2. Register here only once, free of charge, here and activate your own personal CODE number. We recommend you also provide additional, unchangeable attributes, such as a serial number; this raises the level of protection.
  3. Your property is now protected!


What happens in a case of theft?

  • The owner reports the object at as stolen or changes the status on his/her own in their profile
  • Worldwide theft check: Using the CODE number, any finder or buyer can determine the status of a registered object, so it is quite simple to check whether a bicycle, for example, has been reported as stolen. To do this, simply scan the QR code with a smartphone, or enter the CODE number online in the theft-check section.


Mobile theft-check
The following CODE number was checked [Code number]

In possession          (green)
For sale                   (yellow)
Reported as stolen  (red)

You can also have the result sent to you as SMS or e-mail.
Contact data:
  • The finder reports the theft to and we forward this information to the owner. The finder and the owner can make contact with one another only if both parties wish this.