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Bicycle theft on the rise:
Losses in the millions"

The number of bicycle thefts in North-Rhine Westphalia has increased again. This is puzzling for experts. “We are troubled by the figures, and we have no plausible explanation,” said the spokesman of the bicycle club ADFC, Thomas Rommelspacher.
The number of expensive bikes has risen considerably. The average value of a stolen bicycle is a good 400 euros.
Police registered exactly 89,282 cases last year – including the 1510 cases of attempted theft – which is 6.5 percent more than 2010, according to the state office of criminal investigation (LKA) in Düsseldorf. The losses lie in the range of 39 million euros.

Very few people who have been robbed ever see their bicycle again: the number of solved cases in 2011 was around eight percent. Police investigated 6559 suspects. The caught bicycle thieves are often very young: half of them are under 21 years old. 543 of them were even under 14 years old. “The majority of them acted alone,” according to the assessment of the LKA.

“There are few cases where bicycles were stolen from dealers; here one can assume that these are contract thefts,” said a spokeswoman for the LKA. The police also repeatedly nab criminal bands. In one case, investigators discovered 20 bikes at once on a truck, which were obviously on their way to Eastern Europe.

The ADFC in North-Rhine Westphalia is also observing an ever-widening market for used bikes. Both investigators as well as bicycle club experts agree: this makes the coding of the bicycles and a good lock all the more important.


Found items

Statistics of the state capital Munich (Dept. of public order HA/123, issues concerning found items) from 2008 show that bicycles could not be returned to their owners.



Theft of skis: now is high-season for ski thieves

The high-season for ski theft occurs especially during the holiday season. Across Austria, from December to April a pair of skis is stolen every 30 minutes; the resulting losses lie in the four-million euro range. However, feigned thefts (intentional swindling of ski owners or ski rental services) are also not uncommon.

In contrast to this, the rate of solved cases of two percent of all cases throughout Austria, is rather low. However, the people whose property is stolen are partly to blame themselves: according to the police, many people can hardly even state the brand of their stolen skis, let alone the serial number. That the authorities have difficulty in their investigations, with only such information as “roughly 1.80 metres long and a yellow-black pattern”, is not surprising.

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