- Weltweiter Verlust- und Diebstahlschutz

The problem

You know the terrible feeling: It’s gone! Lost! Stolen? Your cell phone! Your pocket book! Your notebook filled with important data! -- Everyone has had that experience at least once. Millions of objects are lost, misplaced, forgotten somewhere daily. No matter how well you pay attention – it does happen. Even the best insurance cannot return the object. And even an honest finder can hardly find out to whom the cell phone, laptop or pocketbook belongs.

Our solution turns “losers” into winners. Your exclusive registration with increases considerably your chances of finding your valuables quickly and efficiently. will return your favorite object to you. And we facilitate matters for the finder, because we spare time and effort. We take care of the finder’s fee quietly and discreetly. Protection of private data is self-evident.

Objects registered in the global database of have better protection from robbery. And should it happen, then fenced property can be identified using the CODE-No. at “CHECK CODE-No.,” because the rightful owner can register the object online as having been stolen.

Our company

CODE-No. is a global database for things great and small that you hold dear. Each CODE-No. is given out only one time worldwide. This allows for an anonymous and clear classification of the owner. Thanks to its neutral position as an agent, CODE-No. is safe and risk-free for both “owner” and “finder. You anonymity is guaranteed as long as you wish. You can find our exclusive product assortment in our shop. All articles are given an individual CODE-No. that is extremely suited to identifying your personal items For commercial inquiries, please go straight to Detailed information on the CODE-No. com service is available in the FAQ.