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You can find current images for here. All images are in print quality and are available for downloading. We would be happy to send you all product photos from our complete line.

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Productintegration - Examples

Bike Integration


Format: jpg
Resolution: 3508 x 2480 pixel
File size: 1,13 mbyte

Watch with CODE-Number

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1482 x 933 pixel
File size: 107 kbyte

Jacket with CODE-Number

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1500 x 1004 pixel
File size: 1176 kbyte

Wedding ring with CODE-Number


Format: jpg
Resolution: 2716 x 1712 pixel
File size: 980 kbyte

Retail sales

Universal tag

Format: jpg
Size: 624 x 399 pixel
File size: 236 kbyte

Cell phone tags

Format: jpg
Size: 1654 x 1496 pixel
File size: 566 kb

Luggage tag

Format: jpg
Size: 2362 x 1173 pixel
File size: 1125 kb


Packing 3D

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1890x 1610 pixel
File size: 743 kbyte

Packaging front

5er Mix label

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1174 × 1890 pixel
File size: 0,6 mbyte


Drehdisplay klein

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1476 x 1890 pixel
File size: 0,6 mbyte

Camera with label

Sicherheitslabel Kamera

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1890 × 1513 pixel
File size: 0,8 mbyte


Atmospheric picture Mr. Foster

Format: jpg
Resolution: 679 x 409 pixel
Size: 34,4 kbyte

Camera at the beach

Format: jpg
Resolution: 879x 409 pixel
Size: 230 kbyte

Dr. Markus J. Krechting

Dr. Markus Krechting

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1900 x 1200 pixel
File size: 3,34 mbyte

Dr. Markus J. Krechting

Dr. Markus Krechting

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1900 x 1210 pixel
File size: 756 kbyte

Company building

Format: jpg
Resolution: 2000 x 1302 pixel
File size: 744 kbyte Logo (printable)

Format: jpg
Resolution: 3239 x 451 pixel
Size: 260 kbyte


New Samsung Camera-System including Service (02.02.2010)

Samsung Premium Camera NX10 with Security-Label

Format: jpg
Resolution: 800 x 686 pixel
Size: 96,3 kbyte

New cooperation: Even glasses are protected by from theft and loss (25.01.2010)

Optician ”Mosqua“ and cooperate

Format: jpg
Resolution: 699 x 616 pixel
Size: 38,1 kbyte

Lufthansa City Center start partnership with (30.11.2009)

§img_schäfer und krechting§

Signing of the contract: Rainer Schäfer, CEO of LCC International Inc. (left), and Dr. Krechting

Format: jpg
Resolution: 2848 x 2136 pixel
Size: 1,29 mbyte

Prize giving ceremony of the hessian founder-prize, category:

§Hessischer Gründerpreis_§

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1772 x 1181 pixel
Size: 1,12 mbyte convinces investors for international expansion

Handshake Prof. Kett, CEO Viaticum, Lead Investor, and Dr. Krechting, CEO (29.10.2009)

Format: jpg
Resolution: 1156 x 1577 pixel
Size: 228 kbyte