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One Website – one code – three innovative benefits’s Internet-based system returns objects that have been forgotten or lost back to the owner, protects from robbery by clearly identifying stolen goods, and offers brand manufacturers an originality feature with an online connection.

Frankfurt, 2008: Robbery, loss and product piracy results in damages worth billions in Germany alone.

  • Every year, millions of objects are delivered to Germany’s approximately 500,000 lost and found offices. But only few of the objects can be properly connected with an owner and returned.

  • Around 400,000 bicycles and 300,000 mobile phones are stolen annually in Germany and in part offered for sale, illegally.

  • Fakes are often hardly distinguishable from originals. The consequences are not only loss of image and financial damage for the brand manufacturer and the retailer. Low-quality fakes can create damage that can no longer be repaired, or that can even be life-threatening as well.

With the first manufacturer-independent “Product-ID-System,” the Frankfurt-based company is now offering an online solution.

Manufacturers integrating a CODE-No. as an additional product feature will be offering customers three benefits: Objects that have been forgotten or lost will find their way back to their owner. Property is better protected against robbery, since stolen goods can be clearly identified by doing a Web check. For the buyer, online activation of the service at will also confirm that he or she has purchased a brand product with the quality expected.

For manufacturers of entertainment electronics, for example, or luggage, watches or bicycles, offers the possibility of integrating a code number directly in each product, the so-called CODE-No. with its three services. These services are available to the buyer worldwide once he or she has registered as an owner.

Advantages for the consumer

Objects that have been lost or forgotten somewhere – be it a cell phone, a watch, an MP3 player, or a bag – but are registered in the, can be returned to the rightful owner simply and discreetly thanks to After a finder reports to via the Internet, the company handles the entire return process. The anonymity of the owner is always guaranteed.

Risk of robbery is also reduced thanks to a CODE-No.: evidence shows that objects that are marked do not get stolen as frequently. Thanks to, they are more difficult to fence: At “check CODE-No.,” the “Product-ID-System” provides information as to whether a product has been reported “stolen” or “lost” or has been released “for sale.” This function means that anyone can be warned about stolen goods and is therefore protected from being cheated.

Brand loyalization and brand protection provides manufacturers of brand articles a Web-based possibility of promoting and protecting brand loyalty. “A CODE-No. in combination with the online registration makes an article unique,” says company founder and CEO Dr. Markus J. Krechting. “CODE-No. establishes a clear relationship between the owner and the object. The individual service not only intensifies brand loyalty, but also, as an online product feature, protects the brand and the customer from some very real-looking fakes.

Individual CODE-No. labels and tags

Objects and valuables can be marked with labels and tags at a later date. Thanks to the unique number on a label or a tag, an object found can be assigned to the owner quickly and simply through and returned. And that means that lost cell phones, keys and forgotten handbags always find their way back to their owners. In addition, honesty on the part of the finder is rewarded, because a reward will be paid out to the finder anonymously via

World-wide and digital

A mobile version of will be available worldwide in the near future. And that means that not all the possibilities offered by have been exhausted: The fact that the CODE-No. can be combined with GPS and Auto-ID/RFID to locate objects is the basis for further developments.

“With, we have created a new link between the real world and the virtual world. What we are doing here is establishing a simple and above all user-friendly system for product identification,” says Markus Krechting.

As the long-time Director of New Media, Marketing and Communication at Neckermann in Frankfurt, Krechting has extensive experience in the area of customer loyalization, the Internet and logistics. He is now using his own company to apply his know-how through concepts designed equally for business customers and end-users.

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